About Us

We are the venture capital arm of Wilbur-Ellis, a privately owned family business approaching its centennial anniversary. We invest our own capital and are looking for pioneering entrepreneurs that insist upon building successful companies without taking shortcuts.

Beyond capital, we provide our deep expertise and market knowledge. We enable founders to launch new products and services, run trials, expand and recruit new talent.

What do we look for

Dedicated founders solving real problems, with an unwavering resolve to build and execute.

Livestock feed, pet nutrition, aquafeed

Ingredients & formulation for cosmetics, human nutrition

Alternative to industrial chemicals

Agrochemical active ingredients

Alternative delivery & spraying methods

Water management & irrigation

Soil biology

Resource conservation


Michael Wilbur


Mike is a founding member of Cavallo Ventures and has been with Wilbur-Ellis for over 20 years. During his time at Wilbur-Ellis, Mike has worked across all three business divisions and at numerous offices both in the U.S. and overseas. Mike holds a B.A. in Economics from Boston College.

Son Vo

Managing Director

Son joined Cavallo Ventures in early 2018. Prior to Cavallo, Son worked in healthcare investment banking at Cowen and Company where he focused on capital raising and M&A for life sciences and medtech companies. Son holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

Brett Morris

Managing Director

Brett joined Cavallo Ventures in 2021. Brett has spent nearly a decade in venture capital, company building, and corporate development and strategy across the agriculture and animal nutrition/health industries. Prior to Cavallo, he helped lead venture investing and the incubation of new startups for TechAccel. Brett graduated from the University of Kansas and is a CFA® charterholder.



Leading mission-critical farm management software for specialty crops

Boost Biomes

Harnesses the power of the microbiome through a proprietary discovery platform for identifying microbial products

Bountiful Ag

Provides yield forecasting utilizing remote sensing imagery, field practices, historical data, and weather

Beta Hatch

Insect protein for animal feed


AG Consulting Group

Sound Agriculture

Developing technologies to help farmers sustainably increase harvest yields by enhancing crop nutrient and water use


Bio-design company creating high-value designer proteins, starting with collagen


Uses deep learning on proprietary data sets to predict and prevent crop disease and pest losses

Trace Genomics

Soil diagnostics

Crop Enhancement

Innovating sustainable chemistry formulations for agriculture

Performance Livestock Analytics

Performance Livestock Analytics provides software subscription services to livestock producers, brokers, risk managers, nutritionists, animal health and animal nutrition companies


Optical sensor to detect mastitis in cows. Also measures fat and protein content in real time, and predicts reproductive cycle


Software-as-a-service product to simplify and optimize channel rebates from suppliers


Autonomous vegetable weeder helps you get rid of herbicides, save time, have better products and greater yields


Provide actionable, easy-to-use data at every stage of the growing cycle

Sabanto Ag

Farming-as-a-Service company performing row-crop operations using advanced autonomous equipment.


Revolutionizing crop protection through environmentally friendly delivery platforms

Verdant Robotics

Technology empowers grower results by combining computer vision, artificial intelligence, and automated robotics to understand every part of every plant at massive scale

Ascus Biosciences

Developing new feed solutions based on the emerging science of Endomicrobial Ecology


High-performance materials company that designs materials at a molecular level

Kiwi Technologies

Provides advanced crop protection services using state of the art technology